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Release Date:
Rating: 6.5
Directed by
Mark Mylod
Written by
Seth Reiss, Anna Todd
Based on
Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, Janet McTeer, John Leguizamo, Aimee Carrero, Judith Light, Hong Chau, Rob Yang, Arturo Castro, Christina Brucato
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Alienworx Productions, Alienworx Productions, Hyperobject Industries
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

'The Menu' before its commercial premiere in theaters in U.S Scheduled for Thursday, November 17, and after an extensive tour of festivals in recent weeks. Toronto, Fantastic Fest, Zurich, Busan, Rome, Tokyo and Viennale, among several others. Presents this very black tragicomedy in the Mar del Plata show, which was produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

How to watch The Menu (2022) Full Movie The Menu is the second best box office in America.

The menu United States / 2022. Direction: Mark Mylod. Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, John Leguizamo and Janet McTeer. Screenplay: Seth Reiss and Will Tracy. Photography: Peter Deming. Production Design: Ethan Tobman Editing: Christopher Tellefsen. Music: Colin Stetson. Distributor: Disney Searchlight Pictures / 20th Century Studios. Duration: 107 minutes. Suitable for over 16 years.

Gastronomy was for a long time associated with the sensual. The pleasant and the picturesque. And, if in the initial plan of The menu there is something of that. a group of rich people pays fortunes to travel to an island to enjoy an experience conceived by a legendary chef, the truth is that the film mutates as the minutes go by towards something much more satirical, uncomfortable and finally terrifying to sadistic levels that can disturb more than one.

The point of view is that of Margot Anya Taylor-Joy. A girl who accompanies a young and enthusiastic gourmet named Tyler Nicholas Hoult on the trip. Along with them are three representatives of the technology industry, Bryce Rob Yang, Soren Arturo Castro and Dave Mark St. Cyr, a couple of millionaires. Anne and Richard Judith Light and Reed Birney, the renowned critic gastronomic Lillian Bloom Janet McTeer. Her obsequious editor, Ted Paul Adelstein and a movie star John Leguizamo with his assistant Felicity Aimee Carrero.

The Menu Streaming For Free For a Limited Time in US on Paramount's Asia

Already The Menu at the destination an authentic natural paradise. The 11 diners are received by a rigorous coordinator Elsa Hong Chau and shortly after by chef Slowik Ralph Fiennes. Who will become the great figure, master of ceremonies and ruthless manipulator of the evening It is not convenient to advance too much. But if we notice that this is not a complacent and demagogic story. And that it later drifts towards satire and horror, you can imagine where the thing drifts degenerates.

There is in the background of this script co-written by Seth Reiss. Will Tracy the latter with experience in that treatise on cynicism. Hypocrisy and the excesses of power such as the Succession series and directed by Mark Mylod. Responsible for multiple episodes of Game of Thrones, Entourage, Shameless and also of Succession an acid. Merciless criticism of snobbery, consumerism and luxury tourism. Although there is also a certain delight in the worst miseries of human beings that emerge especially in the face of extreme circumstances. Beyond that exaltation of pathos and the aforementioned sadism. The menu works as a black tragicomedy very black with moments that go sometimes without preamble. From hilarious absurdity to decidedly terrifying explosions.

After the success of Don't Look Up, Adam McKay returns to the big screen with a new comedy about the culinary world. The Menu, described as a satirical comedy with hints of a thriller, something quite redundant. Confusing and to a certain extent antithetical, is presumed to be one of the most anticipated films. For this 2022 thanks to its producer, its cast and its theme.

The McKay-produced film is directed by Emmy winner Ark Mylord. And stars British-Argentinean Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and Ralph Fiennes. Which catapulted it to our top list of movies to watch this year and marks it as one of the most interesting satirical comedies of recent times. While we've already seen what Adam McKay did with climate change, now we'll see him taking a snobbish culinary world as his guide.

When does The Menu premiere?

To tell the truth, The Menu has had several modifications since it took its first steps. Initially, the leading roles that were announced for Emma Stone and Ralph Fiennes have taken other directions. New stars have been introduced to the cast. However, after delays and extensions. Searchlight Pictures announced that the film will be released in theaters on November 18.

Anya Taylor-Joy

The actress of the moment and protagonist of The Northman by Robert Eggers. Is the star that leads The Menu in the role of Margot. The actress with Argentine roots continues to rise after Last Night in Soho. And it is expected that she will also premiere this year Catenbury Glass.

Nicholas Hoult

The English actor, whom we have recently seen in more commercial productions. Alongside the X-Men superheroes in the role of Hank McCoy. Takes on the role of Tyler for this new project from the director of Succession.

Ralph Fiennes

One of our favorite villains, in the role of Voldemort in the Harry Potter saga. Has gone from the magical world to the world of gastronomy as the eccentric Chef Slowik. A role that will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about in this acid comedy.

Hong Chau

The American, of Vietnamese origin, takes the role of Elsa in The Menu. After several years as Audrey Temple in Homecoming, Hong Chau returns to the big screen in this new film.

Margot and Tyler are a young couple visiting an exclusive restaurant on a luxurious remote island. Promising both surprising and unusual ingredients, the famous Chef Slowik's tasting menu will deliver. Something much deeper than just a meal. Immersing the viewer in a satirical comedy with overtones of psychological terror. Worthy of unexpected twists and turns and crazy situations.

Does The Menu already have an official trailer?

No. The Menu has not yet received any official trailer from Searchlight. However, the film, which is still in the post-production phase, will not take long to give us the first small glimpse of the tape that opens this November.

Despite the fact that the date of Halloween is very close, it is not possible to avoid talking about films that aim to be a great bet in horror cinema; For this reason, on this occasion we present to you The Menu, a film that is weeks away from being released and that is positioning itself in a good way before the critics.

The Menu by her original name is the upcoming film starring Anya Taylor-Joy, an actress who is in one of her most prolific periods since her success in Lady's Gambit. This work will be produced by Adam McKay Don't Look Up, demonstrating a horror thriller with light touches of comedy.

The film will be directed by Mark Mylod, recognized for his role in directing. Films and series such as Game of Thrones and the successful Succession. Accompanying the beautiful Anya Taylor-Joy is Nicholas Hoult, remembered for being Beast in the movie X-Men First Class 2011 or for his appearance in Mad Max: Fury road 2015. Finally, Ralph Fiennes is crowning this cast for the film that has been defined as a dark comedy and horror.

The Menu is the name of the next film starring Anya Taylor-Joy. Who remains in one of her most prolific periods since her success in Queen's Gambit. This work will be produced by acclaimed director Adam McKay. But it will not be a comedy but a horror thriller that so far looks scary albeit with quite a bit of satire. Here we tell you what it is about and everything you need to know.

What is The Menu about?

The Menu follows a young couple, Margot Anya Taylor-Joy and Tyler Nicholas Hoult. Who travel to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant with Chef Slowik Ralph Fiennes. Who has prepared an extraordinary menu. with some surprises in the first teaser we see that it is a kind of satire on high-level restaurants and chefs. But we also see that the Chef seems to be the leader of a cult and Without a doubt the terror has to do with the food that is served. But what we will know more clearly when we see the tape.

The film is directed by Mark Mylod. Award-winning director for his work on Entourage, Game of Thrones, Shameless and the recent Succession.

Cast of The Menu

As we mentioned, the film stars Anya Taylor-Joy Lady's Gambit, The Northman. The Soho Mystery, and Nicholas Hoult X-Men: Days of Future Past, Tolkien.

They are joined by Ralph Fiennes Harry Potter. The King's Man, as the "villain" of the film. In addition to him is Hong Chau, John Leguizamo, Janet McTeer, Judith Light, among others, who play other guests at the dinner.

When is The Menu released in theaters?

At the moment the tape has a release date of November 18, 2022 in the United States. It is not yet known if it will be an international release.

When does The Menu premiere on streaming?

As the film is distributed by Searchlight Pictures. There is no plan for it to be released on a streaming service. And it could take more than 3 months after its release date to be available on Video on Demand.

Searchlight has released the first teaser of the film where we can see more of the plot, its excellent visual aspect and the strangeness of its characters. As we mentioned Adam McKay is the producer of the tape. The man is known for his satire work he recently directed Don't Look Up. Always critical of society and this work doesn't seem far from that. Although superficially it seems like any horror film, it also criticizes the exclusive aspect of high-level chefs and their consumers. Which is why it is not surprising that Mark Mylod who has worked on Succession takes the role of director.

A few weeks after it was revealed that Anya Taylor-Joy secretly married her boyfriend, Malcolm McRae. The successes for the young woman continue from strength to strength and now we will. See her in a new movie called 'The Menu'. Here we tell you everything about the plot, who is part of the cast, trailer and everything you need to know.

Anya Taylor-Joy will star in one of the most chilling and terrifying films of the moment. 'The Menu', are you ready to see it? We do and we are dying to tell you everything we know so far.

What is 'The Menu' about, a film starring Anya Taylor-Joy?

The film, written by Will Tracy and Seth Reiss, "focuses on a young couple who visit an exclusive restaurant. Hawthrone, on a remote island where acclaimed chef Slowik has. Prepared a lavish tasting menu, along with a shocking surprise.", reads the fficial review of the film.

The story will touch the lives of 12 couples who are looking to enjoy. A unique gastronomic experience, so they embark on a one-way trip to a remote island to discover. To their surprise that their host has a very macabre menu planned.

With a truly creepy story and twists that we would never expect, this one directed by Mark Mylod. Director of Game of Thrones, has not only an incredible story and spectacular photography. It also has a great cast that will make you want to see it even more.

Ralph Fiennes Chef Slowik

The famous British actor master of terror 'Spider' and 'The Red Dragon' is the great villain of the film. Since he brings to life the famous and slightly dark chef who turns the lives of the protagonists into a real nightmare.

Anya Taylor-Joy Margot

The talented actress of 'Lady's Gambit' returns again to the horror genre. Where she apparently is extremely talented, since her performances in 'The Witch' and 'Split' have made us suffer from emotion.

Bringing to life the only survivor of this spooky luxury dinner. Anya Taylor-Joy will take us through a 1 hour 46 minute story that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

A sadistic cult or a high-end restaurant?. That is the question left by the recently shared official trailer for The Menu. An intriguing black comedy starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult. With a release scheduled for next November in the United States. The thriller-tinged film is among the most anticipated movie titles of the year. Learn more about this new bet that involves the actress of Argentine origin.

The story begins with a couple, Tyler Hoult and Margot Taylor-Joy. Who travel to a coastal island to enjoy the experience of dining in an exclusive and luxurious restaurant. The chef Fiennes in charge of the place, known as Slowik, is an eccentric cook who is determined to prepare dishes that are great surprises on the menu. However, the need to innovate in his kitchen will lead him to turn this evening into one of the worst experiences this group of clients will have.

How to watch The Menu suffers from never evolving further

The restaurant resembles more a gastronomic cult than a space solely made to enjoy a good meal. From the beginning, it makes diners uncomfortable at each table. Despite the somber atmosphere, the suspicious Margot will not be intimidated and she will witness a collective history being created as the hours pass. Directed by Mark Mylod Succession and produced by Adam McKay Don't look up, this proposal warns of a highly disturbing journey for the viewer.

The cast of The Menu includes Ralph Fiennes as Chef Slowik. Anya Taylor-Joy as Margot; Nicholas Hoult as Tyler; Hong Chau as Elsa. Janet McTeer as Lillian Bloom; Judith Light as Anne; John Leguizamo as a movie star; Reed Birney as Richard; Rob Yang as Bryce; Aimee Carrero as Felicity. Paul Adelstein as Lillian's publisher; Arturo Castro as Soren; among others.

The film's big-screen debut will take place next month at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. With its US theatrical release scheduled for November 18 this year. An official release date in Latin America has not yet been confirmed, or if it could also arrive through a streaming platform.

In 2020, Anya Taylor-Joy achieved worldwide fame. After starring in the miniseries Queen's Gambit, distributed by Netflix. But, before that, the star with Argentine roots had already made her film debut in 2015. With her leading role in The Witch, the brilliant horror film by Robert Eggers. In addition, she integrated productions such as Fragmented, Glass, Emma, The new mutants and The mystery of Soho.

How to Watch The Menu: Is it Streaming or in Theaters?

The Menu recent months, the 26-year-old artist has been seen in The Northman. Her second collaboration with Eggers. And among her future projects are The Menu, Amsterdam. Furiosa and the animated Mario movie in which she will voice Princess Peach. Perhaps one of her roles that she keeps the audience. In greatest expectation of is the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road where she will play the young version of Furiosa originally played by Charlize Theron.

The Menu The Menu is a movie that has Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes. In addition, it has the presence of Nicholas Hoult.

Hong Chau and John Leguizamo. Esdtá directed by Mark Mylod and is produced by none other than Adam McKay, so not bad.

A couple travels to an exotic location to an even more. Exclusive restaurant to meet an admired chef who offers a special menu. Although she is not as dedicated to tasting as the rest of the diners.

Ralph Fiennes is a two-time Oscar-nominated English actor. Known for the films Shindler's List 1993, Strange Days 1995 and The English Patient 1996 among many others.

Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes was born on December 22, 1962, in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

"Meticulously crafted, brilliant execution." With just four words, the promotional phrase for The Menu. A new and very intriguing film by Mark “Succession” Mylod, manages to sell us this black comedy. With hints of a thriller in which Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult belong to the guest. List to taste the new creations of a prestigious chef Ralph Fiennes with a twisted shine in his eyes. Mylod collaborates again with Adam McKay, also an executive producer of his successful series for HBO. In what promises to be one of the most interesting films of the upcoming fall in fact. Its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and a premiere scheduled for the month. November are usually a sign that those responsible have their sights set on the Oscars.

It should be noted that the script for The Menu. The work of Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, appeared back in 2019 in the famous Black List of Franklin Leonard. A film executive who publishes a survey every year with the best original concepts still pending to be purchased for development.

In principle it was going to be Alexander Payne who took charge of the project. But certain production fluctuations derived from the pandemic caused it to pass into the hands of McKay and Mylod. With Taylor-Joy replacing Emma Stone and Fiennes, who apparently is completely overturned in history, as the only constant throughout the process. What does Reiss and Tracy's script have to have entered the radar of such talented people? Three words: The evil Zaroff.

Published in 1924 by Collier's magazine, The Most Dangerous Game has earned the label. "most influential English-language short story of all time" over the course of nearly a century. Its author, Richard Connell, was inspired by the passion of the wealthy America of his day to travel to Africa to participate in big game safaris. A frivolous pastime that, it seems, allowed the rich to feel something real during. The seconds before pull the trigger not that things have changed much since then.

The protagonist of his story is one of those rich New Yorkers who. After being shipwrecked on his way to the Amazon, ends up on an island where a Central European nobleman with Darwinian ideas. About the metaphysics of hunting likes to practice what he defines as “the most dangerous game”: hunting a human being. Connell's original was made into a film for the first time in 1932 under the title in Spanish of The Evil Zaroff. Thus consolidating itself forever in the collective imagination as a platonic ideal of a horror story with philosophical touches.

Since then, the most dangerous game has been adapted to film, radio. Television and even video games on countless occasions, both official and, in the case of The Menu, unofficial. Count Zaroff served as the basis for Kraven the Hunter. The Spider-Man villain who is about to make his film debut as Aaron Taylor-Johnson. But he also seems to have guided the steps of at least two serial killers in life.

Real the Zodiac Killer, who may have made veiled. References to Zaroff in the infamous letters he sent to San Francisco newspapers. And Robert Hansen, a terrifying killer who insisted on unleashing his victims always female in the Alaskan. Woods so you can hunt them down later. On a brighter note, The Evil Zaroff was one of the references that mountaineer and writer Charles Gaines. A proud veteran of various hunting expeditions to the African continent, handled when he created the concept of paintball with two friends.

Given that Richard Connell's short story has been free of rights for a few years now. Aapocryphal revisions of its plot core such as the one proposed by The Menu. Or like the one recently proposed by The Hunt Craig Zobel, 2020, are going to be more common. Ralph Fiennes' character appears before us as an updated version of Zaroff. Someone who has traded the sniper for molecular gastronomy and manhunting for premium tasting experiences. But continues to operate on a desert island until the unwary with enough money in the bank will not stop approaching. With people like this around the world, it will always be the season.

The close relationship between cinema and food is a frequent resource in dozens of films. Despite the fact that it is not very common to find films that have a certain restaurant as the central axis of the story.

Scenes like Meg Ryan's simulated orgasm in the already classic. When Harry Met Sally or the episode that opens and closes Pulp Fiction in a Los Angeles restaurant quickly come to mind.

The truth is that the culinary world, it is known, has evolved quite significantly in recent years. In some luxurious and extremely expensive restaurants. Eating is just a way of doing good to the body and, instead, they start talking about "experience", as if it were an almost existential joy.

That, or as the specialized medium Collider suggests. Which goes further, saying that in addition to that, cooking "is a profound art form that can comment on various aspects of life. As if it were a well-thought-out work of art or a movie Well shot and written."

6 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 6.5

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